The fruit industry tycoon shared the "16-character tactics"


What I want to share today is "Fruit: A Wonderful Flower in Fresh Food". So why did you share such a topic? I am very happy today. As soon as I entered the venue today, I saw two words on the backboard of our opening ceremony: Righteousness. At that time, I was touched in my heart. I very much hope that the orchard and the path we have taken can be shared with everyone. So what is Tao? We believe that the so-called Tao is the law; the right way is the correct law, so this is epistemology. Of course there are evil ways, crooked ways. Our organizing committee put forward the concept of righteousness, which I think is very good and very practical. Because it is true that in this industry now, there are divergent opinions, various theories and various opinions, flooding our entire society. Then the so-called path is the path and the methodology. Only the Tao is the right way. On the basis of the right way, it is possible to find a better way. Together, this is called the way. I think that epistemology determines methodology. Because of this, the difference between people, companies and companies, the key lies in understanding. The difference in understanding has led to a huge difference between your company, and even between you and others.

Fruits are fresh commodities, the others are fresh ingredients

So today, I really want to share my knowledge of the fruit industry with you. Therefore, my important understanding is that "fruit is a wonderful flower in the fresh food category." Ladies and gentlemen, just when I saw the word "right way", I remembered two sentences. The first one is: the vicissitudes of right way. People say that the right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life, and the right way is the vicissitudes of life. The second one is from the avenue to the Jane, there is not much advanced. According to my previous view, fruits are fresh commodities, and the others are fresh ingredients. Because in all fresh food categories, fruit can be eaten directly and eaten directly. Other fish, meat, vegetables, and eggs, it is a fresh food, it has to be processed, its quality, in addition to its own, but also by your chef's cooking skills and other condiments. This difference is a big difference in the fresh category of fruits. Since fruits are fresh products and others are fresh ingredients, we look at a lot of fresh products. Among the fresh products, only fruits have world-renowned well-known brands or even century-old brands. In the fresh category, only fruit is a special case, so why is it so? For example, Zespri, which has been around for more than 100 years, has more than 100 well-known brands in the world, including our oranges. Why can oranges be the first to become a brand, in fresh food. Because we are dealing in a fresh product, this is the foundation of the brand. Therefore, we all want to establish a brand in the world. Only fruit is the first to break through. Its foundation is because it is a fresh product.

Such a feature makes it possible for fruit to become a letter of credit for a brand in the fresh category. Fresh, it is very difficult to establish a brand, but fruit can establish a brand. Therefore, if fruit is well managed, it can become a letter of credit for fresh products. This is a very important understanding. So I think that the future leader of fresh products must be born in the field of fruit. If you do not manage fruit well, it is almost difficult for you to say that you want to manage fresh food as a brand. This is my basic view.